Best Practices for Reinforcement {Proactive Behavior Management Training Video}

We’ve all been there. We have behaviors occurring in our classrooms that are less than desirable. When you have students engaging in disruptive and inappropriate behaviors, it hurts the whole classroom. Our quality of teaching suffers, students learn less, and the student engaging in the behaviors misses out on valuable learning opportunities. When we are this situation, sometimes we jump immediately to a consequence based, reactive approach. But really we need to first look at increasing positive behaviors using reinforcement. This preventative approach will decrease those negative behaviors in a positive way!

In this training video, learn why reinforcement works, the common misconceptions related to reinforcement, and how to increase positive behaviors with students in your classroom. The first step to any effective classroom management system is utilizing appropriate reinforcement. Many teachers and clinicians are familiar with the concept of reinforcement but often times simple missteps cause our reinforcement system to be ineffective. Learn from real world examples how to make sure your reinforcement is working!
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