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Home School Communication Packet


The home/school connections is critically important for all children! For children with special needs, this connection can be more challenging. Some of our students may struggle to communicate with their parents about what happened at school. This packet is designed to give you a wide range of options for types of systems to facilitate the home-school communication.

This resource contains visual, written choice, and fill-in options for each type of resource. The visual systems contain several variations & I will create a custom variation upon request after purchase. All of the written word systems include editable versions.

Included in the packet:
- Parent Letters - from Student: Included are several options for systems that students can utilize to "write" their parents a letter about what happened at school. This is an effective way to involve the child and have a meaningful method of creating the home/school connection!
- Parent Letters - from Teacher: Home school notebooks can be extremely time consuming. Using a worksheet system with some filled options can be much more efficient and you will be able to keep up it!
- Teacher Letters: Communicating with your students about what they did the night before is a great way to build vocabulary, social skills, and conversation abilities. There are visual, word, and fill in versions included! 

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