Special Education Adapted Calendar Activities – The Autism Helper

Special Education Adapted Calendar Activities


Calendar tasks that are hands-on and visual can help children with autism and special needs increase their engagement and understanding of calendar topics. These materials could be used to make a modified circle time/morning time binder for your student to work on during calendar activities. Many of these activities are accessible by students who are nonverbal or with low level writing abilities.

This packet includes:

  • Match days
  • Match days (color coded)
  • Put days in order
  • Match months
  • Put months in order
  • Match days and months
  • Put days and months in order
  • Identify today, yesterday, tomorrow binder page
  • Identify today, yesterday, tomorrow wall page
  • Sort days and months
  • Calendar Page - interactive version
  • Calendar Page - circle version
  • Calendar Page - fill in version (2 pages)
  • Calendar Facts
  • Special Events countdown
  • Sorting by Season

 Total: 16 total tasks of a variety of levels

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