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Visual Necklace for Children with Autism


... your most functional piece of jewelry!

Children with autism struggle with receptive language and often don't understand what is being asked of them. Imagine if someone told you to sit down in Chinese - you would have no idea what you were being told to do! That's how the world seems to some children with autism. They need an additional visual cue.

I use this resource EVERY day! This packet include 30 3inch/3inch visuals for a variety of commands, comments, and prompts that you might need on a daily basis. No teacher stays in their classroom all day - you might need access to visuals in the hallway, on the playground, getting on the bus, etc. Laminate these small visuals and put a hole punch in the corner. String up all the visuals you use regularly and put them on a lanyard. You could also store these on a key chain or id holder and attach to your belt loop. Now you have 30 visuals at your finger tips!

Here are the visuals included:
good job
hands to yourself
don't touch
no running
nice hands
no kicking
no swearing
no hitting
no yelling
no biting (x2)
throw away
clean (x2)
cover mouth
don't walk
be quiet
raise hand

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