Who Question Unit

Who Question Unit

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Wh- Question Unit Bundle {All Questions}
Wh- Question Unit Bundle {All Questions}

Teaching the fundamental skill of answering who, what, wh...

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Who Question Unit

Who Question Unit

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Mastering the art of answering who, what, where, when, which, and why questions is a pivotal yet challenging skill with far-reaching benefits. This crucial skill enhances conversation proficiency, comprehension, vocabulary, and academic knowledge, enabling students to showcase their understanding, actively participate in meaningful social interactions, and advocate for themselves. Addressing the specific challenge of 'who' questions, this comprehensive unit utilizes adapted books, task cards, and work tasks featuring a blend of clip art and real photos. To cater to diverse learning needs, two sets of task cards provide visual choices, offering essential support for students not yet ready to answer 'who' questions independently. One set of task cards seamlessly integrates 'who' questions with life skills, providing a broad range of examples and activities for enjoyable and effective skill practice. This resource is perfectly suited for independent work, guided practice, stations, partner activities, and speech-language therapy. Included are 3 adapted books, real-photo life skill task cards, clip art task cards, work tasks, and an anchor chart.

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