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Behavior Plan Flow Charts and Tools

Writing a behavior plan is all about individualization. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that will work for every student. This process can be daunting and overwhelming. This resource is meant to be a guide in the behavior plan process. It is meant to provide you with tools and materials to develop an individualized plan for your student or child.

The key to a successful behavior plan is selecting interventions that are function-based (meaning they align with what the problem behavior is communicating). This resource will guide you through entire behavior plan process from collecting baseline data, determining the purpose of the problem behavior, selecting a replacement behavior, to training staff on the interventions.

There are 20 Behavior Plan Flow Charts included in this resource for a variety of types of behaviors with different behavioral functions. There are also editable versions included so you can customize the Flow Charts to meet the needs of your students. These are an effective and efficient way to train staff to implement procedures correctly!

Included in this resource:
  • Behavior Plan Steps
  • 5 editable and ready-to-go ABC Data Sheets
  • Behavior Definition Worksheet
  • Functions of Behavior Guide
  • Behavior Plan Replacement Behavior Guide
  • Replacement Behavior Visuals
  • 20 editable and ready-to-go Behavior Plan Flow Charts

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