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Autism Strategies {PARENT PACKET}


This resource is a set of 15 informational flyers geared towards parents of children with autism. The information is is based on common concerns and question and written in easy to understand language. Visuals, examples, and helpful tips are included on each page. Whether you are a parent looking for more information or a teacher looking to share information with parents, this resource will help explain important strategies and info an understandable way!

This resource would be a great way for teachers to create and develop a successful home/school connection! Utilize these flyers as a method of sharing information and getting everyone on the same page!

Topics Covered:
- Why is my child being aggressive?
- How will my child's school help them learn?
- What can I do at home to help my child learn?
- How can I help my child communicate?
- What is reinforcement and why is it important?
- What are sensory behaviors?
- Why does it seem like my child is not listening to me?
- How can I keep my child busy at home?
- How can I explain autism to my family, friends, and community?
- How can I prepare my child for taking him into the community?
- How can I help my child be more independent?
- What does a behavioral approach mean?
- Why does my child have different behavior at home and at school? - How can I teach my child about dangerous situations and to be safe?
- How can I help my other children understand autism? 

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