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Social Skills Rubrics

Taking data on social skills can be difficult because many social skills are complex and involve several steps. How can you say if someone is participating in a conversation with a simple plus or minus? Can you easily assign a percentage of involvement in a group play? Rubrics are the perfect solution for taking data on social skills. Rubrics include multiple skills and break down each skill in levels of competencies. You can rate each skill and end up with a numeric value. Using this rubrics, you will be able to readily show growth over time and pinpoint specific areas to target with additional instruction.

Rubrics Included:
  • Greetings
  • Turn Taking
  • Basic Conversation
  • Group Play
  • Advanced Conversation
  • Group Work
  • Manners
  • Visual Group Play
  • Visual Conversation
  • Visual Manners
There are 3 visual rubrics included. Using visuals helps students understand what they are being scored on. It also helps clarify the expectations of an assignment in a concrete way. These rubrics can be laminated and used with a dry erase marker!

All of the written rubrics include an editable versions so you can customize to meet the needs of your students! There is also a data sheet included to track progress over time!

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