The Data Driven Classroom


Course Summary

The Data Driven Classroom is an online course that breaks down the data collection process for special education classrooms. This course will teach you how to streamline your data collection process and collect data that will truly inform your instruction. You will learn how to analyze and use data to drive your instruction, IEP goals, and behavior plans. This course goes in-depth into the use of digital data collection and Google Forms to chart all data types.

What This Course Includes

  • img5 modules with 40+ video lessons
  • imgEach topic is broken into short, actionable videos
  • imgConcepts are explained in a user-friendly way
  • imgReady to use templates, Google Forms, and rubrics
  • img6 continuing education hours upon completion (BACB & ASHA included)

Here’s a peek into the Data Driven Classroom

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The Data Driven Classroom can be taken on a computer, phone, or tablet through The Autism Helper App & Network! This allows you to take the course from wherever you are.

Every aspect of the course is self-paced, allowing you to learn on your schedule. You can listen podcast-style while taking a walk outside, read the transcripts while waiting for your next appointment, or watch with closed captions from anywhere.


The Data Driven Toolkit

Want even more data resources?

Save on the cost of the supplemental Data Driven Toolkit when you bundle it with the course! Take the guesswork out of creating data sheets with the massive library of 100+ fully customizable, goal-specific program guides, rubrics, and data sheets to make important data-based decisions for behaviors, life skills, social skills, and academics.


Data Driven Classroom FAQs

You have questions, we have answers. Learn more about this course below.

Who is this course for?

This course is created for special education teachers, clinicians (BCBA, RBTs, SLPs), and general education teachers looking for more in-depth data collection strategies. The information in this course will be relevant for any educator looking for actionable ways to identify student needs, monitor progress, and determine the next steps. Any educator should sign up for this course if they want to increase their educational outcomes for their students, teach their staff to take accurate and consistent data, and more quickly and effectively reduce challenging behaviors.

Course Learning Objectives:

Module 1: The Data Framework
  • Participants will identify 3 reasons data is important.
  • Participants will list the 5 components of the Data Driven Framework.
  • Participants will identify the purpose of assessment as it relates to both Academic and Behavioral skill development.
Module 2: Academic Data
  • Participants will write specific definitions of academic skills that include: a clearly defined skill, learning channels, what correct/incorrect looks like, skill sets, and mastery criteria
  • Participants will define Learning Channels, identify the inputs and outputs within specific examples, and list 3 reasons Learning Channels are helpful in data collection.
  • For 5 methods of academic data collection (frequency, fluency, rubric, prompt, and interval), participants will define the data collection method, identify what types of skills each method can be utilized to collect data on, and practice each data collection method with sample scenarios.
  • Participants will utilize information from the Data Driven Framework to write academic IEP goals.
  • Participants will identify three types of data-based decisions that can be made when analyzing data as well as two different ways to chart data in order to support data analysis.
Module 3: Behavior Data
  • Participants will write definitions of behaviors that are specific, measurable, and objective.
  • Participants will identify when to take frequency data vs. duration data on behavior.
  • Participants will define ABC data and ongoing data, what the differences are, what types of data collection can be used for each, and identify how to analyze these types of data.
  • For 4 methods of behavior data collection (frequency, duration, behavior rubric, and behavior interval), participants will define the data collection method, identify what types of behaviors each method can be utilized to collect data on, and practice each data collection method with sample scenarios.
  • Participants will utilize information from the Data Driven Framework to inform a Behavior Intervention Plan and/or write IEP goals for behavior.
Module 4: Implementation and Organization
  • Participants will identify at least 3 different ways they can make academic and behavioral data collection more efficient and organized.
Module 5: Staff Training
  • Participants will identify 3 strategies for getting staff buy-in for data collection.
  • Participants will list the steps in Behavior Skills Training in relation to teaching team members how to collect academic and behavioral data.

Time-Ordered Agenda

  • 0-35 minutes, Module 1: Intro + the Plan
  • 36-207 minutes, Module 2: Academic Data
  • 208- 315 minutes, Module 3: Behavior Data
  • 316-346 minutes, Module 4: Implementation and Organization
  • 347- 373 minutes, Module 5: Staff Training

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All course content must be watched/completed in its entirety including the course feedback form within 6 months from the date of purchase to receive any continuing education credits. The date on the certificate will match the date you complete all course components. No partial credit will be given.


You can earn 6 continuing education hours upon completion of this course. School districts differ in what they will accept as a continuing education credit. It is up to each course participant to confirm that continuing education credits from The Autism Helper, Inc. will be approved by your school district.


Sasha Long, BCBA is an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. The Autism Helper can provide 6 CEUs to BCBAs for completion of the course.

Speech-Language Pathologists

ASHA CE Registry Submission: After you complete all course components, you will be directed to fill out a form requesting ASHA CEUs. Once you fill out the form indicating that you would like your participation reported to ASHA, The Autism Helper will submit your information to the ASHA CE Registry. The Autism Helper submits this completion information monthly. Please allow three weeks from the submission date by The Autism Helper for the course and ASHA CEUs to appear on your ASHA transcript.

This course is offered for 0.6 ASHA CEUs.
(Introductory Level, Related Area)

ASHA CE Provider approval and use of the Brand Block does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.

The Data Driven Toolkit includes over 100 fully editable data sheets. There are customizable rubrics for behavior, social skills, life skills, and academics. The toolkit includes a massive library of goal-specific program guides and aligned data sheets. There are 3 different formats of informal academic assessments included: Baseline Boom Cards, Fluency Baseline Assessments, and Checklist Assessments for Literacy and Math. You can find more information, including photos and a video tour, on the Data Driven Toolkit page.

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