The Data Driven Classroom Course

The Data Driven Classroom Course

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The Data Driven Classroom Course

The Data Driven Classroom Course

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The Data Driven Classroom is an online course that breaks down the data collection process for special education classrooms. This course will teach you how to streamline your data collection process and collect data that will truly inform your instruction.   

This course covers 5 methods of data collection for academic/functional skill data and 4 methods of data collection for behavior data. Detailed examples, videos, and editable data sheets are included for each methodology.

You will also learn how to analyze that data and use that data to drive your instruction, IEP goals, and behavior plans. This course goes in-depth into the use of digital data collection and Google Forms to chart all data types.

Last, get your whole team on board. Learn how to train your team to collect data and get buy-in!

This product requires that you add an email address during purchase so that you can receive your invitation to the course. 

Included in this Course:

  • Training Videos: The training content is broken down into short, manageable topics. There are 5 modules with over 40 video lessons -  each topic is broken into short, actionable videos and concepts are explained in a user-friendly way. Content is available in video format, closed captioned video, audio only, and written transcripts.
  • Resources:  There are over 100 pages of data sheets, handouts, and templates. Downloads include editable data sheets, Google Forms, staff training handouts, rubrics, and more. There is also a complete setup kit for student or center-specific data organization. 
  • Community:  Get access to our private community. There, you can share your progress with others, collaborate with your peers and The Autism Helper team, and participate in Live Q&A sessions directly with Sasha. 
  • 6 continuing education credits upon completion of the course. This includes options for BACB and ASHA CEUs. 

Course Outline for The Executive Functions Masterclass:

  • Module 1: The Data Framework -  In Module 1, we lay out the foundation of what we will be working on within this course. We will learn why we need data and the role data plays within Academic and Behavior Assessments. (4 training videos with 4 downloadable resources)
  • Module 2: Academic Data - In Module 2, utilize the Data Driven Framework to collect data on academic, functional, and social skills. We will go in depth into how to define academic skills, implement different data collection strategies, and analyze your data to make data-based decisions.  (15 training videos with 14 downloadable resources)
  • Module 3: Behavior DataIn Module 3,  utilize the Data Driven Framework to collect data on behavior. We will go in depth into how to define behaviors, implement different behavioral data collection strategies, and how to analyze your data to make data-based decisions.  (12 training videos with 10 downloadable resources)
  • Module 4: Implementation and OrganizationIn Module 4, we will give you all our top tips for selecting the right data sheets for your classrooms as well as how to keep all your data organized and streamlined.  (4 training videos with 3 downloadable resources)
  • Module 5: Staff TrainingIn Module 5, learn how to get staff buy in and train your team to implement data collection strategies effectively.  (4 training videos with 2 downloadable resources)
Once you purchase this online course, you will be given access to it for six months. You can access this course either through a web browser or through The Autism Helper app! Once again, this product is an online course and is not a physical product.
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