Ready to go Color Coded Daily Picture Schedule - Great for Children with Autism


A visual schedule can be extremely beneficial for children with autism, cognitive disorders, and a variety of other disabilities. Since receptive/expressive language and transitions can be difficult for some learners, knowing what is going to happen each school day can be a big source of anxiety. Some students may not understand when a teacher or parent explains the order of daily events. Pictures are a great way to help explain what is going to happen next. This schedule is color coded for learners who may need an additional prompt. This strategy can be extremely effective at teaching students to utilize a visual schedule!

Included in this resource:

  • Includes small pictures and big labels with pictures and with a different color background for each picture. For learners who struggle to match pictures - the color background can be so helpful!
  • Includes 15 picture options - if you need one that isn't included message me and I'll make it!
  • Includes detailed instructions for set up!

**This product is a digital download - you will not receive a physical product**