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Real Photo Visual Schedules


A visual schedule can be extremely beneficial for children with autism, cognitive disorders, and a variety of other disabilities. Since receptive/expressive language and transitions can be difficult for some learners, knowing what is going to happen each school day can be a big source of anxiety. Some students may not understand when a teacher or parent explains the order of daily events. Visuals are a great way to help explain what is going to happen next! This is a classroom must-have! This set is ready to go - all with real photos. Real photos are great for older students or as a nice alternative to clipart images.

 What is included in this packet:

  • 6 options for schedule page layouts
  • small schedule pieces and big labels with check in spots
  • 35 picture schedule options {if one you need isn't included - message me and I'll make it}
  • 5 color coded center schedule with 20 picture schedule options
  • includes detailed instructions for implementation including photos!

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