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Paraprofessional Training Manual {EN ESPANOL}

Give your paraprofessionals information in a way they can understand best! This resources is fully translated into Spanish!

Training classroom staff can be an overwhelming and challenging job. Have this manual guide the way! This resources contains a complete training package for both new and veteran classroom paraprofessional within the special education setting. The manual outlines various topics from the diagnostic criteria of autism to assisting in communication development to dealing with student aggression. All information is written in an easy to understand way and includes photo examples!

Entrenando asistentes de clase puede ser difícil. Maestros a veces no tienen el tiempo o recursos para entrenar y preparar sus asistentes apropiadamente en sus clases. Trabajando con asistentes que no están entrenados adecuadamente puede causar problemas durante el año escolar. Cuando todos no están en la misma pagina, puede causar dificultades ejecutando los IEPs, monitoreando el comportamiento de los estudiantes y interactuando apropiadamente con los estudiantes.

Each section contains a follow up review with the most important points. Just like with our students, we want to ensure mastery of these topics. A final assessment is included that contains both factual and applied questions to show mastery of the training manual!

Topic Covered:
  • teacher intro letter
  • 27 page training manual
  • final assessment
Editable version now available within this download!

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