What's Bugging You? Shapes & Size Edition! Adapted Book – The Autism Helper

What's Bugging You? Shapes & Size Edition! Adapted Book


This is a super cute adapted work to repetitive reading, shapes, and size. Each page follows a similar routine and is interactive. This book has 12 pages each with a different 2 component step. Students put velcro bugs on each of the pages in the correct position according to the directions! Students work on identifying items based on both shape and size. Instructions of set up and all picture pieces are included!

This is one of my students' favorite books! The repetition of each page has helped some of my less verbal students engage in a reading activity! Targeting two step directions can be tricky - this book helps students respond to more complex prompts! 

PRINTING instructions: make sure to select "print entire image" or "scale to fit" in order to print the whole page.

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