Life Skills Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 1}

Life Skills Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 1}

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Life Skills Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 1}

Life Skills Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 1}

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Life Skills are the skills that one needs to live and work in a community successfully and independently. This resource provides an evidenced-based year long curriculum. The curriculum is structured and visually based and requires only pre-writing skills such as circling, tracing, and matching. It breaks down larger skills into manageable steps, embeds assessments, and utilizes data-based decision making. This resource also includes a non-writer version. 

This curriculum includes 8 units plus a review unit! Each unit includes:

  • a pre-test and post-test
  • grading rubric with data-based decision making component
  • anchor chart(s)
  • 20 pages of activities
  • 2-3 hands on focus skill visuals
  • all real photos

Also included in this resource:

  • 2 types of lesson plan templates
  • detailed curriculum map
  • 2 types of data sheets
  • Non-Writer version

Level 1 focuses on introducing foundational life skills concepts and receptive vocabulary. The topics covered in this level are:

  • grocery shopping and vocabulary
  • eating in the community and menu vocabulary
  • clothing and laundry
  • cleaning
  • cooking and kitchen vocabulary
  • public transportation
  • mechanics and repair vocabulary
  • technology (phone use)

This curriculum is designed to use one page of activities per day. Your life skills instruction for the entire year is planned! Over 180+ activities are included! This subject is designed to complement our Functional Literacy and Functional Math Curriculums. These subjects focus on literacy and math skills using real-world-based texts and exemplars. The Life Skills Curriculum expands on this learning to include a range of household and community-based skills. 

Get this unit in the BUNDLE and have 3 different levels of individualized instruction. 

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