DIGITAL Social Story Adapted Books - Behavior Edition

DIGITAL Social Story Adapted Books - Behavior Edition

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DIGITAL Social Story Adapted Books - Behavior Edition

DIGITAL Social Story Adapted Books - Behavior Edition

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Exciting news! Your beloved adapted books are now available in DIGITAL format. Our collection includes both Boom Card and Google Slide versions of 4 distinct social story adapted books, a blend of two powerful strategies—social stories and adapted books. These interactive, visually engaging stories offer response options to reinforce positive behaviors and reduce negative actions, allowing students to showcase their understanding of each concept.

These concise stories are designed to prepare students for upcoming events or used as regular aids to help manage the challenges encountered in digital learning. Our collection consists of 4 Social Story Adapted Books covering behavioral concerns like managing frustration, dealing with jealousy, coping with loud noises, and navigating time-outs.

    This comprehensive product offers 4 Boom Decks (with audio), 4 Google Slide Presentations, along with detailed instructions and suggestions on how to optimize both digital formats. 

    What are Boom Cards™?
    Boom Cards are internet based, interactive activities that work great for distance learning! They are highly motivating, self paced, and self grading. 

    Accessing Your Boom Cards™:
    With this purchase, you will download a PDF with a link to activate the Boom Cards™. When you redeem your purchase, Boom Learning will ask you to create a free account if you do not already have one. After you activate your cards, they will live in the library of your Boom Learning teacher account. 

    Which Devices are Compatible?
    Boom Cards™ play on most modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge) and devices including Android, iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fires, and Chromebooks. They can also be used via Google Classroom.

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