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​​The Autism Helper, Inc. has a licensing agreement with the developer of the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP), Mark L. Sundberg Ph.D., BCBA-D, to create and sell VB-MAPP-aligned products.

**Get all 121 task card sets aligned to VB-MAPP Level 3 with this money saving bundle!**

This set of 121 activities is aligned to the VB-MAPP Level 3 Tact, Listener Responding,  Visual Perceptual Skills & Matching to Sample, Reading, Writing, LRFFC, Intraverbal, Linguistic Structure, and Math Milestones and Supporting Skills. These materials will help build the skills identified in the VB-MAPP assessment. This resource includes two different reference sheets. Each activity has individualized set up and implementation instructions and labels for organization. This resource is perfect for centers or small group instruction and speech-language therapy. 

The activities in this bundle target:

  • Labeling (categories, locations, features/parts of items, color, shape, category, and function, what’s missing,  prepositions, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, emotions, and community helpers/events
  • Identifying/selecting based on an adjective, pronoun, gender, preposition, color, shape, word combinations, relative pairs, negation, singular vs. plural, category, feature, function, verb, adverb, what’s missing, possessives, and verb tense
  • Following multi-step directions and performing complex actions
  • Matching non-identical items and locations, associated items, categories
  • Completing 2 and 3 step patterns and seriation tasks
  • Labeling, selecting, matching, tracing, and copying upper and lower case letters
  • Identifying rhyming words
  • Matching word to picture
  • Answering wh-questions and yes/no questions
  • Selecting, matching, and labeling numbers 1-5
  • Identifying comparisons of measurement
  • Identifying coins
  • Matching numerals to quantity
  • Answering questions based on a sentence or short passage
  • Completing fill-in statements 

*You do not need the VB-MAPP manual or protocol to utilize these resources!*

Link to purchase: Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program

For a video preview of this product, please look at the individual products contained in this bundle.

Products included in this bundle:

  1. VB-MAPP Task Cards: Function, Feature, and Class Level 3
  2. VB-MAPP Task Cards: Intraverbal & Linguistics Level 3
  3. VB-MAPP Task Cards: Listener Responding Level 3
  4. VB-MAPP Task Cards: Math Level 3
  5. VB-MAPP Task Cards: Reading & Writing Level 3
  6. VB-MAPP Task Cards: Tact Level 3
  7. VB-MAPP Task Cards: Visual Perceptual Skills & Match to Sample Level 3
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