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Addition/Subtraction Mega Pack {a complete curricular resource}


This resource contains a complete addition/subtraction teaching guide! This massive packet focuses on breaking down the skills needed to discriminate addition and subtraction number operations into small and manageable pieces. The scope and sequence of this curriculum is structured in a way to build on each previously mastered skill, ensure discrimination, and gradually increase in complexity. The skill sets start small and simple and slowly expand to encompass more numbers. Once addition and subtraction are mastered - it is key to work on discrimination between the two!

This packet contains:

  • baseline assessment planning tool & data sheets
  • curriculum map
  • 8 Leveled Units {each unit contains: flashcards, 10 worksheets, & end of unit assessment}
  • data sheet
  • visual anchor charts for regrouping

Over 115 worksheets included!

Check out all of this resource: Video Product Preview

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