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Behavior Rubrics


Taking data on behavior can be difficult because there are many components to a complex behavior. We want to know how many negative behaviors are occurring and also how many positive ones are as well. How can you say if someone transitions with a simple plus or minus? Can you easily assign a percentage for independent work? Rubrics are the perfect solution for taking data on complex behaviors on a regular basis. Rubrics include multiple skills and break down each skill in levels of competencies. You can rate each skill and end up with a numeric value. Using this rubrics, you will be able to readily show growth over time and pinpoint specific areas to target with additional instruction.

Rubrics Included:

  • Transitions
  • Group Work
  • Independent Work
  • Using Technology
  • Playing with Friends
  • School Behavior 1
  • School Behavior 2
  • School Behavior 3
  • Lunch Behavior
  • Recess Behavior
  • Staying Safe Visual Rubric
  • Completing Work Visual Rubric
  • Transitions Visual Rubric 

There are 3 visual rubrics included. Using visuals helps students understand what they are being scored on. It also helps clarify the expectations of an assignment in a concrete way. These rubrics can be laminated and used with a dry erase marker!

All of the written rubrics include an editable versions so you can customize to meet the needs of your students! There is also a data sheet, graphing page, and data/graph combo page included to track progress over time!

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