Category Mega Pack – The Autism Helper

Category Mega Pack


This mega pack contains TONS of resources to help your students learn how to successfully categorize. This skill can be a struggle for children with autism, cognitive impairments, or speech disorders. Using visuals, multiple examples, and structure will allow students to learn this skill successfully with this resource! This skill is a critical foundational skill that leads to advanced cognitive thought, improved language, and more complex writing skills!

This product contains:

  • Category Anchor Charts
  • Simple Category Activities {5 different types of activities with 5-8 versions of each}
    • category sort, color objects, answer the visual questions, match picture to category, & circle same category
  • Complex Category Activities {9 different types of activities with 5 versions of each}
    • write the category, name the category, what doesn't belong, identify the category, answer the category questions, follow directions, draw items, find the correct category, and circle all items in the category
  • Category Boards {8 different interactive boards included with 12-15 examples of each category}

This pack is massive! It's over 100 pages of ready to go and easy to implement activities and interventions that target a skill that is often very difficult to teach!

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