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Class/Category Task Cards [ABLLS-R Aligned B19, C39, G17, G25, G27]


Use these task cards to work on sorting, selecting, and labeling items according to their class or category. Within this set of task cards, work on this skill in a wide range of formats to help build generalization of the skill. Basic to advanced types of categories are included in this set! Task cards can be used in many ways and work well for direct instruction, independent work, guided practice, or a paraprofessional run center.

These task cards are aligned to the ABLLS-R task B19, C39, G17, G25, G27. These cards make working on ABLLS based skills easy and streamlined. There are specific cards for each score within each task. All cards are labeled with the corresponding task number and score for easy organization and use. If you do not use the ABLLS-R, these tasks will still be a great addition to your classroom!

Included in this resource:

  • 36 interactive task cards for sorting by class (of increasing field size 2 classes - 4 classes) with all sorting pieces (B19)
  • 56 task cards for select/label by class of increasing field size (C39, G17)
  • 72 task cards for naming the class - 36 with no response option and 36 with written response option (G25)
  • 108 task cards for naming the class of a group of items - of increasing field size (G27)

This resource comes with labels for organizing your tasks cards, instructions for use, and a data sheet (with an editable version included).

Use resource in combination with the Assessment of Basic Language & Learning Skills.

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