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Community Signs Mega Pack for Special Education


This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about common community signs.

Here is what's included:
- 16 Flashcards with definitions
- What Should I Do? A multiple choice adapted book
- Which Sign Is It? Card Game {identify sign based on clue}
- 3 Community Sign File Folder Activities {match sign to sign, match sign to name, and match sign to definition}
- 11 matching worksheets - variety of types
- 7 writing worksheets - definitions and question answering
- 7 creative writing worksheets
- I have, who has? Game
- Bingo - with 2 levels of difficulty of calling cards and 15 boards

Vocabulary: stop sign, no u-turn, construction zone, interstate sign, pedestrian crossing, do not enter, yield sign, school zone speed limit, warning sign, construction zone speed limit, street sign, speed limit, no parking sign, school zone, railway crossing, and hospital sign.

Great for children with autism or special needs - these materials are hands on and easy to understand! Materials for a variety of types of learners included! 

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