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Doctor Unit {multi-level & multi-subject}


This resource is jam packed with resources for a wide range of types learners to work on a board set of skills - all doctor themed! Work on fine motor skills, matching, sorting, association, reading comprehension, math facts, social skills, and more! Over 200 activities included in this mega pack!

Level 1 skills focus on matching, sorting, tracing, fine motor skills, counting, colors, and expressive/receptive language building. 75 pages included!

Level 2 skills build in complexity and focus on foundational academic skills such as sight words, vocabulary, answering questions, social skills, basic grammar, addition, coin identification, patterns, sentence structure, and sequencing. 60 pages included!

Level 3 skills are for the highest level learners. Work on advanced writing skills, reading comprehension, measuring, adding/subtracting, doing combinations, conversation abilities, word problems, and making inferences. 65 pages included!

Also included are flashcards with definitions, 2 levels of Bingo Games, and I Have/Who Has?

The Doctor Theme is great to work on functional life skills!

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