Easy Math Sorts for Special Education – The Autism Helper

Easy Math Sorts for Special Education

Make math fun and engaging with these hands-on math sorts - even when working on basic skills! This packet has 4 types of sorts: counting, big/little, coins, and number identification. Students sort pieces that count up to a certain number, sort big items and small items, sort different images of the same coin, and sort by number.

These activities are great for teacher directed instructional time and also work well for independent work! This is a great way to go beyond basic velcro matching while still having a hands-on activity.

All students, especially those with autism, benefit from learning academic concepts in a hands-on way! These tasks will help master and generalize essential math skills.

This packet contains:
  • 5 counting sorts
  • 5 coin identification sorts
  • 5 number identification sorts
  • 5 big/small sorts

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