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Froggy Fill Ins {puzzles and games to work on teaching verbal responses}


Great for children with autism to teach independent verbal responding! Work on finishing common phrases, identifying objects based on function, and categorizing - all in a fun frog theme! These verbal skills are imperative for teaching responding to questions and reducing echoic responses.

Included in this resources are:
- 6 basic phrase fill in puzzles and activities
- 7 puzzles to work on identifying function
- 4 category worksheets with cut and paste response options

These activities are great for early elementary (K-2). This is also perfect for students with autism or cognitive disabilities who need to work on answering wh- questions, making inferences, and reducing echoic responses. These skills are especially challenging for children with special needs who may need more direct instruction! This would work well in a classroom or in a speech therapy setting! 

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