Fruit and Veggie Bingo – The Autism Helper

Fruit and Veggie Bingo


This set includes a fruit and vegetable themed bingo game! The game includes 20 boards and calling cards for 2 levels of play. This bingo game includes an easy version of calling cards with just pictures and vocabulary to work on picture identification and vocabulary. The hard version includes hints for each picture to work on receptive language, problem solving, and vocabulary building. My students love to play bingo! It's a great way to work on turn taking. We use bingo for independent group time and one student gets to be "in charge" - they love it!

This game is great to work on thematic and functional vocabulary. It's so important to expose children with language difficulties to a wide range of vocabulary concepts and food items are great functional words to know! Vocabulary includes apple, pear, onion, broccoli, carrot, and more. This game is fun and engaging! Just laminate or print on card stock and it's ready to go! 

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