Leveled Daily Work {Level 1}

Leveled Daily Work {Level 1}

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Leveled Daily Work BUNDLE

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Leveled Daily Work {Level 1}

Leveled Daily Work {Level 1}

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This versatile resource is designed to support your teaching needs seamlessly from August to June, covering the entire school year. With 180 interchangeable leveled daily work pages, your students will engage with different activities each day, promoting varied and comprehensive learning. Print once, make copies of the student worksheets, and your prep work is complete. Ideal for independent work, guided practice, direct instruction, small group activities, warm-up sessions, classroom centers, or stations managed by paraprofessionals, this resource offers flexibility and efficiency. Level 1 focuses on essential skills like vocabulary, counting items, identifying colors, and fine motor skill development, making it particularly suitable for students with minimal writing skills.

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