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Leveled Daily Work {Level 2}


This product will last you seamlessly from August to June - the ENTIRE school year! This resource contains 180 interchangeable leveled daily work pages to ensure that your students are completing different work each day. Print once, make copies of the student worksheets, and your prep work is done. It’s that simple.

This resource contains a two page student response worksheet. Students will complete the worksheet in response to the prompts and questions on the leveled daily work pages. Switch out the daily page each day. Use this resource as independent work, guided practice, direct instruction, small group work, a warm-up activity, a classroom center, or a station run by a paraprofessional. Options are endless! This is a major time saver and ensure all students are busy with appropriately leveled work!

Level of Work in this Resource:

  • Word of the Day {identify consonants, vowels, syllables, write a sentence}
  • Number of the Day {identify number before & after, written number, tallies}
  • Daily Questions {basic abstract questions, concrete questions}
  • Wh- Question Journal {answer who, what, where}
  • Math {coin identification, time to hour, number sequencing, basic word problems}


For a tutorial on how to use this resource digitally with Google Slides or Powerpoint, click here.

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**This product is a digital download - you will not receive a physical product**