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Leveled Homework {Level 3}


This product contains homework to last you seamlessly from August to June - the ENTIRE school year! This resource contains 36 weekly homework packets. Print once, make copies, and your prep work is done. Homework for the entire school year! It's that simple.

Included in this packet is a parent letter to explain the importance of homework and the method of completing homework each night. Each homework packet is two pages with a section for each day of the week. Students will respond to questions in a notebook or separate piece of paper. This is a major time saver and ensures all students are busy with appropriately leveled work!

Skills Included in Level 3:

  • grammar {such as: nouns, verbs, adjectives, antonyms, punctuation marks, prepositions}
  • complex concrete and abstract questions {such as: making inferences, advanced personal info, sequencing}
  • math {such as: coin combinations, word problems, time to the five minute, skip counting, double digit addition & subtraction}
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • writing & editing {fixing spelling & grammar mistakes, creating novel sentences}

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