Leveled Homework {Level 3}

Leveled Homework {Level 3}

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Leveled Homework BUNDLE
Leveled Homework BUNDLE

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Leveled Homework {Level 3}

Leveled Homework {Level 3}

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Revolutionize your homework routine with our Level 3 Homework Packets, a comprehensive resource designed to last seamlessly from August to June—the entire school year! With 36 weekly homework packets, simplify your prep—print once and make copies for a year's worth of homework. This invaluable product includes a parent letter detailing the importance of homework and nightly completion methods. Each homework packet spans two pages, featuring daily sections for each day of the week.  Level 3 skills encompass grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives, antonyms, punctuation marks, prepositions), complex concrete and abstract questions (making inferences, advanced personal information, sequencing), math (coin combinations, word problems, time to the five-minute mark, skip counting, double-digit addition and subtraction), reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing/editing (fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, creating novel sentences). Perfect for reinforcing advanced skills and supporting students in their educational journey.

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