Make Some Inferences! 2 Flashcard Games for How Do I Feel? & When Is It?


This resource has two flashcard games for working on making inferences: How Do I Feel? and When Is It? Each game has 24 cards, a score card, and labels.

Each flashcard has a clue to help the student infer which the answer. Answer is included on the bottom. This game can be played in a small group of up to 6. Students take turns reading the prompts to a classmate and keep score on the score card. Or the game can be teacher lead to a larger group. Instructions for set up are included as well as suggestions for easy storage.

This is game perfect for students with autism or cognitive disabilities who need to work on answering wh- questions, making inferences, and naming people/items. This game can work for small group instruction, one on one sessions, speech therapy sessions, and more. 

**This product is a digital download - you will not receive a physical product**