Math Meeting 1.0 – The Autism Helper

Math Meeting 1.0

Math meeting is a leveled daily lesson to reinforce basic functional
& academic math skills and build independence! Math Meeting 1.0 was created as a highly structured, repetitive daily lesson to teach basic math skills, like a higher level morning meeting. This product requires board space in order to display and use the meeting board pieces and the reference charts.

This product includes materials for the board, reference pages, and two versions of the student response page. Student fill in corresponding information based on the meeting board pieces. Thorough instructions for setup and use are included. This resource also includes objectives for each component of the math meeting that can be utilized to align with or create IEP goals.

This skills targeted in this resource:
  • identify season, day, month, year
  • describe temperature and weather
  • identify numbers (and number words) and count (with and without tens frame) for digits 1-20
  • identify and draw 6 basic shapes
  • identify time to the hour on an analog clock
  • identify coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
This resource works great for a teacher or paraprofessional run group lesson. It can also be adapted to use as a independent station. The daily repetition and consistent structure allows learners to understand what is expected of them and focus on learning new concepts!
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