Move it or Lose it! {Visual Act-It-Out Cues} – The Autism Helper

Move it or Lose it! {Visual Act-It-Out Cues}


Children with autism or special needs as well as typically developing children often benefit from a visual cue when following one step directions. Incorporating movement and pretending into your classroom routine can help improve attention and behavior enabling your students to be more engaged learners!

This resource is a set 48 visual cue cards for different pretend actions that can be done within the classroom. The cue cards are circles and be easily mounted on a popsicle stick for use. A 'cheat sheet' with a description of all pretend movements is included as well.

Work on the essential skills of pretending, gross/fine motor skills, turn taking, receptive/expressive language, motor imitation, and following directions!

Great for indoor recess, transition times, and break time! Perfect for working on building imaginative skills of children with autism! 

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