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Parts of Speech File Folder Activities


Instructions and printables to make 23 file folder activities to work on a variety of concepts related to parts of speech. Having a variety of materials to target these concepts help build generalization! These resource targets a wide range of concepts within the different parts of speech.

This resource works well for task boxes, independent work, guided practice, or a paraprofessional-run station.

File folder activities included are:

  • Noun File Folders: match noun to picture, sort by type of noun, match singular and plural nouns (2 versions)
  • Verb File Folders: match verb to picture, sort past/present/future tense, match verb sentences, fill in the verb
  • Pronoun File Folders: match pronoun to picture, sort the pronouns, fill in the pronoun, match possessive pronoun sentences
  • Adjective File Folders: match the adjectives, match the two adjectives, sort by adjectives
  • Adverb File Folders: fill in the adverbs, sort the adverbs,
  • Preposition File Folders: match the prepositions, follow preposition directions, fill in the preposition
  • Parts of Speech Mix Up File Folders: sort the parts of speech, match the parts of speech (2 versions)


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