Reading Comprehension Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

Reading Comprehension Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

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Reading Comprehension Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

Reading Comprehension Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

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This year-long reading comprehension curriculum focuses on teaching reading comprehension skills and concepts. This resource is designed for special education students and autistic learners as it is visual-based and features a step-by-step progression of skills.

This curriculum includes embedded assessments allowing for data-based decision making and accurate progress monitoring. Simplify your reading comprehension instruction and planning with this daily activity-based curriculum, utilizing over 180 engaging activities that promote skill application and generalization.

Level 4 of our Reading Comprehension Leveled Daily Curriculum focuses on focuses on teaching basic reading comprehension skills, including: text levels I - Q or 400L - 700L; sight words - Fry third and fourth 100 words; story retell and summarizing (fiction and nonfiction); identifying and comprehending dialogue; identifying theme; identifying and utilizing story elements; point of view; identifying and comprehending nonfiction text features; character traits; comparing and contrasting similar stories; shades of meaning; advanced non-literal language; citing text evidence; word affixes; looking up unknown words; and comparing points of view.

This curriculum includes:

  • 2 types of lesson plan templates
  • 2 types of data sheets
  • Detailed curriculum map
  • 8 units + 1 review unit
  • Pre and post tests for all 8 units
  • Answer Key

This resource easily aligns with TAH’s Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum for structured and comprehensive literacy program.

    Not sure what level works for your student? Check out the skills matrix: TAH Curriculum Skills Matrix

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