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Sandwich Ordering Booklet for Children with Autism


This booklet is used to help children with autism or other disabilities order independently at a sandwich fast food restaurant (like Subway). Even children who are verbal benefit from the use of pictures during community based tasks. The assistance of pictures can help ease anxiety, provide a visual prompt of what to say, and help people in the community comprehend the needs of our children.

At many sandwich restaurants, there are many questions involved in ordering your sandwich - What type of bread? Do you want cheese? What vegetables? etc. This provides so many great communication opportunities!

The idea behind this booklet is that you can move along to each page for each question asked when ordering a sandwich. The set of corresponding visuals is on each page with a sentence strip on the bottom to be used for all pages.

Included: Detailed descriptions for how to set up a 6 page ordering booklet; visuals for bread choice, meat types, cheese, vegetables, condiments, and chips/drink option; sentence strip, and structure of the booklet.

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