Social Studies Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

Social Studies Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

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Social Studies Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

Social Studies Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 4}

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This year-long social studies curriculum focuses on teaching social studies skills and concepts. This resource is designed for special education students and autistic learners as it is visual-based and features a step-by-step progression of skills. It includes a non-writer version (requires only pre-writing skills) for seamlessly differentiated instruction.

This curriculum includes embedded assessments allowing for data-based decision making and accurate progress monitoring. Simplify your social studies instruction and planning with this daily activity-based curriculum, utilizing over 180 engaging activities that promote skill application and generalization.

Level 4 of our Social Studies Leveled Daily Curriculum focuses on focuses on teaching basic social studies skills, including: special purpose maps; climate zones around the world; regions in the United States; United States Great Lakes; United States state capital cities; 3 branches of government; 3 levels of the United States government; economics; civic engagement; United States elections; North American Native American history; and United States Civil War. 

This curriculum includes:

  • 2 types of lesson plan templates
  • 2 types of data sheets
  • Detailed curriculum map
  • 8 units + 1 review unit
  • Pre and post tests for all 8 units
  • Answer Key

    Not sure what level works for your student? Check out the skills matrix: TAH Curriculum Skills Matrix

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