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Synonym Snapshots! Games and Puzzles for Special Education


Synonym Snapshot Packet contains 2 fun games and a set of puzzles to work on synonyms. These games and activities are hands-on and interactive - a great way to work on these skills in a fun way!

Flashcard Game: The flashcard game contains a label and directions as well as 36 cards with different questions to identify a synonym for a common word. Whoever collects the most cards wins!

I have, Who has?: This game works on maintaining attention as well as skill building. Turns get passed among players who identify the correct synonym. 30 total cards as well as title and directions.

Puzzles: There are 6 sets of 6 puzzles (6 pairs = 12 pieces) to match synonyms. There are also labels for each puzzle to store pieces together. These puzzles would work great in a reading center!

These activities are great for kids with special needs who benefit from hands-on and interactive materials! Working on synonyms is a great way to build vocabulary, improve writing skills, and enhance comprehension abilities! 

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