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Toolkit: Beginning Reading Instructional Bundle


This instructional bundle is for students reading at a beginner level. This bundle  includes 20 Mini Books at the BR90-90L Level. All passages were professionally leveled by Lexile.

Each Mini Book includes:

  • 4 options for comprehension - verbal response, written response, written response options, and visual response options
  • rubric with aligned focus concepts and scoring
  • phonics and grammar extension
  • word recognition and vocabulary extensions 

There are also 12 centers for independent work or guided practice. Centers Included:

  • Circle the Picture Task Cards
  • Color According to Directions 
  • Compound Word Picture to Word Match
  • Dolch Noun Picture to Word Match
  • Draw to Describe
  • Ending Sound Sort
  • Find the Picture for the Sentence Activity
  • Initial Consonant Sort
  • Initial Digraph Sort
  • Letter Sorts
  • Match Rhyming Word to Pictures
  • Short Vowel Sort


This toolkit was designed for use in conjunction with our Literacy Course: The Runway to Reading.

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