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Ultimate Guided Reading Resource for Special Education


* This resources was MAJORLY updated on 10/2019*

This packet will guide your planning and instruction process for using a guided reading approach with children with special needs or autism. This packet contains schedules templates, lesson plan forms, reading activities, visual question prompts, academic visuals, and more!

This resource will guide your setup process from start to end!

How to setup up guided reading groups:

  • templates for organizing assessment information
  • instructions for grouping students
  • two versions of schedule template with a sample included
  • student color coded mini schedule
  • detailed center labels
  • 5 different independent centers with labels, activity templates, and instructions
  • 5 different adult directed centers with labels, activity templates, and instructions

How to plan guided reading groups:

  • binder setup and labels
  • 5 different versions of daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans
  • curriculum map template
  • thematic planning template

How to run guided reading groups:

  • guided reading group activity mini schedule with visuals
  • behavior visual expectations
  • behavior visual cards
  • 3 versions of token boards
  • 3 social narratives
  • instructions on how to run guided reading group
  • visual before, during, and after we read posters
  • visual strategies and concept cards organized by reading levels A-J (over 70 cards)
  • wh- question cards with visuals
  • comprehension cards
  • over 30 worksheets on a variety of concepts
  • leveled book report forms (for A/B, C/D, E/F, G/H, and I/J)

How to collect data on guided reading groups:

  • 6 different data sheets for a range of types of skills

There is SO much included in this resource! 

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