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Ultimate Packet of Behavior Management Visuals for Children with Autism! SET 2


This packet includes 10 behavior management interventions to be used with a wide range of students! These are strategies that are useful for children with autism, BD, cognitive disabilities, ADHD, as well as any other children who need more structure and behavioral support. All interventions come from a perspective of Applied Behavior Analysis and look at the function of the behavior for successful interventions.

Each intervention is visually based and thorough directions for both setup and implementation are included!

Interventions included in this packet:
- Sensory Choice Board
- Problem Solving Options (2 levels)
- Anger Check In and Mini Check In
- Teacher Availability VIsual (Ready to Talk & Cannot Talk)
- Good Work = Less Work Visual Rules and Cues
- Anger is Okay written script and rules
- When I feel Angry Visual Choice Board
- Reflect and Learn About Inappropriate Choices (2 forms)
- Visual Volume Scale
- Behavior Mash Up (social story, incentive board, and behavior identification cue in one intervention) 

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