Visual Recipes for Children with Autism: Halloween Treats & Snacks

This packet contains the visual recipes for some fun and functional Halloween Themed treats and snacks! These are quick and easy treats that can be used as a classroom special activity, afternoon snack, or group project! This is perfect for some fun and seasonal fun!

This packet contains the recipes for:
  • Spider Cookies
  • Candy Corn Fruit Salad
  • Fruit Cornucopia
  • Witch Hat Cookies
  • Ghost Banana
  • Apple Teeth
This resources also contains a visual question board with 4 interactive comprehension questions as well as a more advanced written question/answer question worksheet. All visuals for the recipes are included as well!

Cooking is a fun and motivating activity that is great for language development, sequencing, fine motor skills, reading, and following directions! Great for children with special needs or early elementary grades!
**This product is a digital download - you will not receive a physical product**