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Visuals for an Autism Classroom


This packet includes over 35 visuals to be used in special education or general education classrooms! Children with autism struggle with expressive and receptive language abilities. Visuals are an essential tool to help students with autism understand their environment and express their wants and needs. These visuals could be used in a special education classroom or in a general education classroom where students are included.

Print, laminate, cut out, and use!

Included in this resource:
- 3 I want... Visuals
- Stop, Don't Touch, and 2 Clean up Visuals
- Computer rules
- 8 Big Labels for around the room: sensory area, break area, kitchen, class library, play area, computer, teacher desk, closet
- Big Visuals: be quiet, do not leave room, sit and wait (x2), stand and wait, stop, and time out (X2)
- I like/I don't like that Visuals
- First work, then break
- Home visuals including bus, car, and walker visuals
- 2 Don't Touch Visuals
- Don't run, walk visual

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