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Visuals for Common Classroom Routines


Each classroom has countless routines embedded into each day! Some children struggle to follow these basic classroom procedures. Save yourself some stress and use visuals!!

Children with special needs, ESL learners, or young children will benefit from the use of visuals to clarify and specify the steps in classroom routines. This resources contains step by step visuals for 25 common classroom procedures. This intervention will help prevent problem behavior, reduce the amount of "reminding" you need to do, and increase classroom independence!

This visuals for each routine are a full page of step by step components. Laminate and store in key locations for most efficient use!

Routines included:
- Waiting in Line
- Sharpening a Pencil
- Getting a Drink
- Going to the Bathroom
- Arriving to the Classroom
- Leaving School
- Group Work
- Working Alone
- Partner Work
- Washing Your Hands
- Circle Time
- Break Time
- Play Time
- Lunch Time (2 versions - hot lunch & bag lunch)
- Recess
- Leaving the Cafeteria
- Turn in Homework
- Take a Test
- Quiet Reading
- Working on the Computer
- Office Errand
- Playing a Game
- Going to Art Class
- Going to Gym Class
- Going to Music Class

This resources NOW includes an editable version! 

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