Weather Mega Pack – The Autism Helper

Weather Mega Pack


This mega pack contains TONS of resources to help your students learn about weather concepts and how weather relates to their life. Included in this product are a vast range of products that would work well for a wide range of types of students including nonreaders and visual learners.

This product contains:
- two visual programs for looking up the temperature and playground transitions
- 4 variations of a daily weather page to indicate the temperature, weather, and season for students of a variety of levels - nonreaders, readers, and writers
- sorting sunny vs. cloudy activity
- visual task for identifying appropriate clothing options each day
- 15 Weather Flashcards (including simple definitions)
- Adapted book "Oh WOW - What's the Weather?"
- 10 matching worksheets
- 10 weather related writing activities
- 6 visual following direction weather activities
- 10 weather forecast comprehension worksheets
- weather bingo (with 2 levels of play & 15 bingo boards)
- I have, Who has? Weather Game

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