150 Kitchen Vocabulary Words for Special Education – The Autism Helper

150 Kitchen Vocabulary Words for Special Education


This packet contains flashcards and definitions for 150 kitchen themed vocabulary words. Enough to do 5 words a week for the entire school year!

Words include common kitchen and recipe words. Help expand your students' life skills vocabulary by working on learning the meaning of a vast array of new words! This resource is beyond functional and will build your students' independence and real-world knowledge. Download the preview to see the complete word list!

In addition to the 150 flashcards and definition cards, the packet includes a data sheet, weekly vocabulary list for students to fill in each week, a homework form, and 5 corresponding worksheets to use with all of the words.

Language development is an area of extreme importance for students with special needs and English Language Learners - especially in the life skills area! I use this packet with my students with autism. I see these words generalize to their communication, reading, and writing abilities!

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