Behavior Change Course

Behavior Change Course

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Behavior Change Course

Behavior Change Course

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In this course, we break down the complex process of decreasing negative or dangerous behaviors and teaching positive, prosocial, and functional communication responses. This course gives you strategies in an easy to understand way and provides you with the tools to put these strategies into action. This product requires that you add an email address during purchase so that you can receive your invitation to the course. 

Included in this Course:

  • Training Videos  The training content is broken down into short, manageable topics. There are 4 modules with over 30 video lessons -  each topic is broken into short, actionable videos and concepts are explained in a user friendly way. Content is available in video format, closed captioned video, audio only, and written transcripts.
  • Resources:   Over 50 course-exclusive tools & templates
  • Community:   Get access to our private community. There, you can share your progress with others, collaborate with your peers and The Autism Helper team, and participate in Live Q&A sessions directly with Sasha. 
  • 6 continuing education credits upon completion of the course. This includes option to BACB and ASHA CEUs. 

Course Outline for The Behavior Change Course:

  • Module 1: Increasing Positive Behaviors   In Module 1, we start with how to increase positive behaviors first. We explore how to use reinforcement correctly and effectively to teach new skills and ensure that they happen more readily.
    (6 video training lessons with 8 downloadable resources)
  • Module 2: Function Based Assessment - In Module 2, we cover the entire Functional Behavior Assessment process from how to define and measure a problem behavior to how to analyze its function.
    (7 video training lessons with 4 downloadable resources)
  • Module 3: Behavior Intervention Plan  In Module 3, we focus on how to create a function-based behavior intervention plan. We cover what the framework should look like as well as specific proactive and reactive strategies.
    (11 video training lessons with 12 downloadable resources)
  • Module 4: When Things Don't Go As Planned -  In Module 4, we bring everything together and explore challenges with staff training, how to troubleshoot plans that aren’t working, and what tools you need to make the plan successful.
    (9 video training lessons with 5 downloadable resources)

Once you purchase this online course, you will be given access to it for six months. You can access this course either through a web browser or through The Autism Helper app! Once again, this product is an online course and is not a physical product.

For information on School Licenses and group discounts, submit a school license request form here. 

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