Fluency Mega Pack – The Autism Helper

Fluency Mega Pack


Included in this packet are a wide range of materials for fluency programs. Fluency is defined as accuracy plus speed. As educators, we need to ensure that the skills we are teaching are not just mastered - they are fluent. This packet contains everything you need to set up fluency instruction.

Included in this resource:

  • Instructions for how to setup, organize, and run fluency instruction
  • Baseline Assessment and Guidelines for Choosing Fluency Goals
  • 4 editable data sheet options
  • guidelines for choosing data sheets
  • visual cues and visual student directions

Over 500 Flashcards Included!

  • upper case letters
  • lower case letters
  • numbers
  • quantity
  • time to hour
  • time to the half hour
  • time to the quarter hour
  • coin identification
  • coin combinations
  • Sight Words pre-primer
  • Sight Words primer
  • Sight Words 1st grade
  • Sight Words 2nd grade
  • Sight Words 3rd grade
  • addition with digits 1-10
  • subtraction with digits 1-10
  • categories (animals, school supplies, food, and people)
  • picture identification - animals
  • picture identification - school supplies
  • picture identification - food
  • body parts
  • shapes
  • colors

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