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Household Vocabulary Unit {for Special Education}


These unit has everything you need to teach new thematic vocabulary regarding household concepts in an effective way! This packet contains easy to understand resources for the following household themes: cleaning & laundry, bathroom, kitchen, kitchen utensils, bedroom, and living room. This is a functional set of vocabulary appropriate for a wide range of ages!

Each section contains the same format of materials. When the format stays the same and only the content changes - students with special needs are often able to learn more quickly!

Each section includes:
- Vocabulary Page
- Matching Pages (Match to Picture and Match to Word)
- Individualized Visual Data Sheet for Expressive or Receptive Language Data
- Spelling Worksheets (hands-on, velcro tasks)
- Writing Worksheets
- Tracing Worksheets

All activities are structured, visual, and created to be utilized with multiple types of learners! Over 70 activities included! 

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