Interactive Reading Work Book {Level 3} – The Autism Helper

Interactive Reading Work Book {Level 3}


These interactive tasks are perfect for teaching foundational reading skills to a variety of types of learners. All of these resources are interactive which will allow your student to be actively engaged while learning!

These materials are great for independent work on previously mastered skills, teaching new concepts, or a little bit of both! This resource would make a perfect station to be run by a paraprofessional. Put all pages in one binder for one complete center activity! These tasks are great for down time in between centers or during teacher transitions between tasks!


  • match antonyms
  • sort by blend (3 pages)
  • sort by initial digraph
  • sort by final digraph
  • put sentences in order
  • sort by parts of speech
  • match contractions
  • match prepositions
  • put words in ABC order
  • sort singular and plural
  • match nouns (picture to word)
  • match verbs (picture to word)
  • match adjectives (picture to word)
  • match ending letter

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