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Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum {LEVEL 1.5}


This resource provides a year long language arts curriculum that focuses on teaching functional sight words, listening comprehension, wh- questions, and selecting details and attributes. The curriculum is structured, visually based, breaks down larger skills into manageable steps, embeds assessments, and utilizes data based decision making.

There are 8 Units included plus a review unit! Each unit includes:

  • a pre-test and post-test
  • grading rubric with data based decision making component
  • anchor charts
  • 20 activities

Level 1.5 focuses on expanding on basic skills. The skills included in this unit are:

  • comprehension of who, what, where, and when questions
  • functional sight words for the following topics: food, animals, clothing, sports, household, community, school supply, and transportation
  • identify details/attributes (how things look, feel, sound, behave like, and tastes like)
  • labeling yes/no
  • non-examples
  • same/different
  • sequencing with first, next, last

 This curriculum is designed to use one activity per day. Your reading comprehension instruction for the entire year is planned! Over 180+ activities included.

Also included in this resources:

  • 2 types of lesson plan templates
  • detailed curriculum map
  • 2 types of data sheets


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